Israel, US to hold joint exercise – Israel News * In the wake of Iran’s race for nuclear capability, Israel and the U.S. will hold a joint large scale missile defense exercise next year to improve operational coordination of their defense systems.

Both the Arrow 2 and Iron Dome missile defense systems and America’s THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) as well as the ship based Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System will take part in the exercise where actual launching interceptors will be used.

Last week, Air Force commander in the EUCOM Gen.Mark Welsh visited Israel for talks with Israel Air Force commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan. The two discussed the upcoming Juniper Cobra exercise,

Officials said the exercise scheduled to take place in early 2012 will be one of the most extensive and complex drills ever..

The aim of the exercise is to create the necessary infrastructure that would enable interoperability between Israeli and American missile defense systems in case the US government decided to deploy these systems in Israel in the event of a conflict with Iran.


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