Diet Coca-Cola desert oasis – case study

Diet Coca – Cola Israel wanted to communicate with their 20+ consumers the brand’s tag line:” Do what makes you feel good”. Diet Coca- Cola and the Promarket Israel agency gave consumers the opportunity to be spontaneous, take a short break from their intense lives and enjoy 24 hours of relaxing and indulging experiences in the Israeli Dead sea desert, combining the style and chic image of the brand with the authentic mood of the desert.

The Diet Coca-Cola, pop- up desert Oasis, “Five stars and a moon”, offered its visitors a unique hospitality experience, a magnificent and luxurious dinner made by famous Israeli chefs, intimate acoustic performances by five leading Israeli artists, special workshops such as yoga and tai- chi, an authentic campfire, a drum circle and even a full breakfast, strait from the chef’s kitchen.

Guests could express their appreciation by using the famous “like machines”(which were also used at the Coca- cola village), and immediately share their “like” to a certain activity at the resort, on their profile. Doing so exposed thousands of their friends to the “Five stars and a moon” experience.
The effect was amazing. Thousands of people turned to Coca-Cola requesting to keep the activity going on for a few more days, so they also would have the chance to experience Diet Coca- Cola’s “do what makes you feel good” moments.

Activity took place in 5 cycles of 24 hours each. In order to participate in the event visitors had to buy six units of Diet coca- cola and pay a nominal fee of 75 shekels (20 dollars).


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