US and Israel Hold Annual 'Juniper Falcon' Military Drill

STRICTLY SECURITY | The U.S. army and Israel Defense Forces have been holding annual drills since 2001. Now, they’re are continuing that routine in another exercise billed as Juniper Falcon. Our Daniel Tsemach has the story.

Juniper Falcon, a week-long exercise between American and Israeli armed forces, has just come to a close. 
After 18 months of planning, soldiers were put to the test — focusing on rapid deployment of U.S. troops and coordination with the Israeli military.
It was a dynamic effort where various different military branches were employed. From air, land, sea and even the cyber realm.

According to one of the Israeli commanders, the exercise focused on ‘three C’s’: Common Language, Confidence and Capability.
Ultimately these exercises are meant to prepare both armies for a real scenario — a war-time scenario that would involve immediate deployment and tactical implementation that deals with some sort of ballistic missile threat in the region.

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