Ruben Ostrea – Dr Hiromi Shinya Colonoscopy Kangen Diet

Join Ruben Ostrea 206-454-0008,, Get your Free Healthy Water eBOOK. Owning Kangen Water Machine a Japanese Water Technology (40 years existence) that produces high Antioxidant water in your Home for drinking, cooking and cleaning fruits and vegetables on 7 Grades of water: 11.5 pH Emulsifies oil, clean Fruits and Vegetables and Degreaser, 9.5 pH kangen, 9.0 pH kangen, 8.5 pH kangen, 7.0 pH Clean water for medication, 6.0 pH Beauty water (toner & astringent) and for watering plants, 2.5 pH Disinfectant, kills virus and bacteria.


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