Ride with us! Deserts and Seas of Israel! DITL SAHM

This is Passover weekend 2013 and a trip we took with a rented car up north. We went through 2 deserts – the Arava and the Negev. We went to Mitzpe Ramon, saw the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea with some planes flying over. We had a great time in a rented car…. So great that shortly after this, we decided to get our own car so we could go places whenever we want. The rented car was an Opel Astra, made in Germany. The car we ended up buying is a Ford Focus hatchback which is very similar.

Leaving Eilat, traveling through the Arava Desert and into the Negev Desert. We saw the Dead Sea, Dead Sea Mineral Factory, some monuments on the side of the road to warn drivers to be careful going around and down the mountains, some Dead Sea Hotels, a stop in Arad where I was able to shop for some home goods that I needed, you get to see the baby talking a little bit to his dad. We get to see a Bedouin boy riding a donkey in town. Then we take my husbands cousin, Diego back home with us.

We stop off at Mitzpe Ramon which is a huge crater near Egypt. He shows a bunch of hotel rooms built directly on a cliff. We saw the wildlife which included some birds, Ibex mountain goats, and a person meditating on a cliff. He totally blended in. We stopped off on the side of a road to see a tank. We drove back to the tank military base but we were not allowed in and not allowed to film. Since it was a holiday – Passover / Easter – we waved and blew kisses to the guards there. My husbands friends came over as well as Hadar’s cousin and they went to the Red Sea to sit on some lawn chairs. They watched some planes landing and had a good ole time.

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Andrea Lunsford
Simtat Sal’it 486/4
Eilat, Israel

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