RR0308/A Israel: War Against Iraq


Israel, 13 November 2002: emergency vehicles rushing to scene; men in protective clothing undertaking emergency exercise; emergency rescue operation exercise in progress: SOT Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Foreign Minister; Cairo, Egypt: anti-war demonstrators chanting and waving placards outside mosque; Cairo, Egypt: gv’s Arab League headquarters; SOT Amr Moussa, Secretary-General, Arab League; Occupied Territories; Israeli soldiers on patrol; bulldozer; Israeli youths with hands on heads; photo of Bassam Abou Sharif, SOT Bassam Abou Sharif; Occupied Territories; buildings being blown up; people in street; buildings blown up; Israeli soldiers battering door down; SOT Bassam Abou Sharif: Israel, file: night shots Patriot missile fired into sky; aftermath Scud attack on building; injured people rescued from building; Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Foreign Minister SOT: Iraq, file: Saddam Hussein: Cairo, Egypt; Amr Moussa, Arab League Secretary-General SOT; Iraq, file: refugees on lorries; refugees in camp; Cairo, Egypt: Amr Moussa, Arab League Secretary-General; street scenes; Bassam Abou Sharif SOT; Israel, 5 December 2002: explosions during chemical attack emergency exercise; emergency services taking part in emergency exercise (APTN)


The United States seems determined to go to war against Iraq, whatever the United Nations decides and no matter how deep a split such action causes between its European allies. But what of the people in the region? How do the Israelis, Palestinians and the Arab League feel about the impending conflict and its aftermath? Roving Report puts the questions to leading figures from Israel, Gaza and the Arab League.

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