Atkins Induction Diet Food Haul – What I Eat

This is a small glimpse of the food I have been eating and will continue to eat during the first month after my 21 day water fast. I have been feeling AMAZING. I feel as though my vitamin B12 stores are rising because I feel calm, peaceful, have LOTS of energy, and I am generally feeling well.
Eventually, I would love to go paleo but I am sticking with induction until most of my weight is gone. I will try intermittent fasting if I stop losing at any point in this journey.

TO ALL MY RAW SUBSCRIBERS: I am an obese person that suffers from an obsessive compulsive overeating disorder. I do not want to offend you or lose your support. I would appreciate it if you would help support me through my journey, even though it is not the same one you are on! I give lots of support to people who do Weight Watchers or people who have had weight loss surgery. These are things that I do not want for myself, but I encourage everyone to get the weight off the easiest and fastest way possible. I will still do raw recipes on this channel. My cooking channel is FoolyLiving – I will never cook recipes here. I will start weekly diet vlogs once I have been on this type of ketogenic / Atkins diet for one month.

This is my journey and this is my year. I am tired of this weight being a burden and causing me immobility. I believe, had I not gotten pregnant, I would have been at goal last year. I would not trade having my baby for anything else in the world. I just really have to learn how to not gain so much weight during pregnancy, especially a bed rest pregnancy, so that I can have another baby in a few years without this happening again. I am doing well, thank you for all the support thus far. I hope we can continue to support each other. Thanks!

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