CNN: Why Exercise Won't Make You Lose Weight. Really?

This same story keep popping up year in and year out: “Exercise Won’t Make You Lose Weight.” Different writers, different experts, different news outlets, but it’s always the same nonsense. It’s not a competition. Both diet and exercise play important roles in any weight loss program. Utilizing both, in ways that work for you, and with a clear-eyed recognition of the limits of both, will get you your best results.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in these videos should be considered recommendations! While I hold multiple certifications in health and fitness, these are still just my personal observations and opinions. I do hope you find them useful and entertaining, but it is important that any decisions you make regarding your own personal health and fitness be made with the care, deliberation, and seriousness they require, and by all means consult with a qualified medical professional as necessary!

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