Elijah Millsap: Life, Life Off The Court, Mental Health, and Business with Tyren Johnson

Elijah Millsap is an professional basketball player. He played college basketball for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Millsap was born in Grambling, Louisiana. He comes from a family of hoopers. His most notable being Paul Millsap. Elijah has spent time in the G-League, NBA, Philippines, Israel, and Spain.

He started a brand focused on mental health. The brand is called DIVINE SOUL. ourdivinesoul.com is where you can check out his site.

Elijah is one of my best friends. Thought it was only right I get him on the show. In this episode we talked about his upbringing. We talked about his mental approach. How he handles setback. What was it like playing in the NBA. He has 2 off court ventures. One being an app that he is developing. The other being Divine Soul. A company that focuses on mental health. Hope you enjoy!

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