Mental Health on Air (Part 2): Addressing mental health over the airwaves and in the classroom

Depression affects youth regardless of where they live, but in Tanzania and Malawi, mental health is poorly understood and rarely rarely discussed. Learn more in Part 2 of “Mental Health on Air: Healthy minds, resilient communities,” a documentary by Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco.

In partnership with Dr. Stan Kutcher of, our “Integrated Youth Mental Health” project has started a dialogue around depression and improved mental health services in two countries. Teachers, peer educators, doctors and other primary healthcare workers received training from Dr. Stan Kutcher, so that youth suffering from mental illness could be identified and could receive care.

To address the issue of stigma, we developed a participatory radio program, featuring hip hop beats, a radio drama, and celebrity interviews. The impact of these program is visible in classrooms across Malawi and Tanzania


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