11/11/17 Mental Health in Halacha (Part 2) – Halacha Headlines


Mental Health in Halacha (Part 2)with Rabbi Binyomin Babad – Director of Operations, Relief – 11:00with HaRav Osher Weiss Shlit”a – Mechaber of Minchas Osher, Renowned Posek – 33:20with Mr. Schwartz – Shares a story about mental health and its effects of not properly disclosing – 37:20with Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Schwartz – Rav, Cong. Adath Israel / Clinical Director, Center for Anxiety Relief – 46:05with Meshulam Epstein, LCSW – Clinical Psychotherapist – 49:40with Yisrael “Freddy” Friedman – Renowned Shadchan – 54:20


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