Body guard school in Israel

1. Various of bodyguards training
2. Guard grabbing ‘client’ and firing live rounds at practice terrorist targets
3. Pushing ‘client’ to the ground and firing at “terrorist” targets
4. Various of shooting at “terrorist” target
5. Female student protecting her ‘client’
6. Pushing people out of the way as she runs to protect her client.
7. Guarding client and firing weapon at “terrorist targets”.
8. Instructor showing trick with gun to one of the students
9. Two bodyguards fighting with gun
10. Close shot of two bodyguards with guns
11.Training exercise with knife and gun
12. SOUNDBITE (German) of Pauli, lawyer from Munich
“The German chancellor Schroeder is crying out for civil courage but civil courage ….we must have the tools in order to know how to do that. To do it by yourself is not enough and here, here we learn how to react to violence and aggression and this is strengthening, and here we learn it practically in order to be able to function in the real
13. More of training exercise
14. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Giuseppe from Naples, Italy
” I feel very aggressive, as we see in our team, like a volcano….and when we need to react in order to protect our V-I-Ps, it’s like a volcano exploding.”
15. Various of training exercises
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Jack, from South Africa
“This is… if you are serious about security, this is the best school to be in, to improve myself professionally in the security business and to gain more experience in the new techniques that change every day.”
17. Bodyguards learning to jump from car
18. Running alongside car.
19. Mid shot of man trying to shoot from inside the car
20. SOUNDBITE (French) Lami from Tunisia
“We learned a lot of things, we learned to exceed our own limits too, the limits of the body and of the soul, everything.”
21. Long shot of bodyguards listening to shooting instructor
22. Instructor showing different kinds of weapons
23. Bodyguards practicing with different kind of weapons
24. More of simulated attack scenario
25. Trainee guarding ‘client’ under fire.
26. Trainee firing live rounds at targets


The ever-changing political situation in Israel means that the security forces are constantly having to update their techniques and develop unique concepts to tackle the problems.

It is an expertise born of necessity that has resulted in Israel’s international reputation for security training.

Security personnel, bodyguards and wannabes from all over the world flock to Israel to attend VIP protection courses at the hands of the acknowledged experts.

The courses are run by retired Israeli security service operatives, including elite commandos.

Eighteen people from nine countries ranging from Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Russia and Germany to South Africa, attended the most recent course on a kibbutz just north of Tel Aviv.

The trainees include existing security operatives here to hone and enhance their skills, people planning to start up their own security companies, and professionals like bankers and lawyers, who want to learn basic personnel security techniques.

The response from those attending was very positive.

Michael, a lawyer from Germany who travels extensively and has been attacked in the past, joined the course for his own self-protection and says it has empowered him by teaching him practical ways of dealing with violence and aggression.

The courses are designed to improve trainees’ mental and physical alertness, in order to raise their self-confidence and to cope more successfully with high stress situations.

Theory classes are run alongside practical demonstrations.

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