New Life Series – Program 93 – Mental Health

Scientifically – what is the difference between a mental illness and a physical illness? A physical illness is something we can locate in our tissues and something we can cure with medicine (give it compensation). Or even replace these parts int he body. And in that – cause it to function properly. Physical illness is usually something that is either in the mechanics of the body or the substances in the body. And if we add a certain substance we can balance this problem and artificially reach a state where the illness does not exist, and the person does not feel like he is ill. A person with high blood pressure takes medicine every day and no longer feels the symptoms but does that mean he is not ill? Of course he is but he doesn’t feel ill. And we can say the same thing about those with mental illnesses. That by putting special substances in the body we can cause a compensation of the problems in the function of the brain. So that a person will feel these symptoms a little less, or a lot less. It can stem from a lack of balance on the emotional level and even psychiatric levels. There is a very wide spectrum of problems here.

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* This post was written by the editor of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman’s YouTube channel.


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