Project Unsung

Project Unsung is a campaign featuring leading artists who turn their songs and most heartfelt lyrics into spoken words in a bid to destigmatize conversations around the topic. The hope is to raise awareness and draw attention to how crucial conversations and lending a thoughtful voice can be to destigmatizing mental health for those both inside and outside the music industry.

Turning songs into sentiment by removing the bright lights, the beats, the moves and hearing the true message behind the lyrics, we hope it can encourage more people to speak out and realise that it’s OK to not feel OK sometimes.

The campaign has been created in support of the Speak Your Mind campaign, powered by United for Global Mental Health ahead of World Mental Health Day (October 10th). It’s part of the specialist charity’s 24-hour virtual March for Mental Health, which aims to drive change and investment in mental health globally. Warner has partnered with integrated communications agency Iris to bring the campaign to life.

Warner Music Asia has also created a playlist featuring songs from the campaign and others, which you can listen to here:

Full list of participating artists:
Nathan Hartono (Singapore)
Jasmine Sokko (Singapore)
Leanne and Naara (Philippines)
St. Wolf (Philippines)
Hanin Dhiya (Indonesia)
Suara Kayu (Indonesia)
Rahmania Astrini (Indonesia)
Aizat Amdan (Malaysia)
Young Hysan (Hong Kong)
Dough-Boy (Hong Kong)
Kiiara (USA)
Soleima (Denmark)
Anri Kumaki (Japan)
D Gerrard (Thailand)
Pyra (Thailand)
Sam Feldt (Netherlands)
Elderbrook (UK)

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