yigal arbiv IKMA {israeli krav maga }ISRAEL GIDON FIGHTING SYSTEM

Get Back into Fighting Shape wite
Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

If there were a class that combined an amazing, heart-pumping, calorie-burning workout with some serious self-defense moves, would you try it? If you answered yes to that question, and said it with enthusiasm, you’re in luck! That workout does exist and it’s called

Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

:According to
“Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit “.
This fitness and fighting approach developed from the israeli krav maga
association Gidon System
To bring the knowledge to the pepole from the fitness side an effective work out and self defense system.

Self Defense:

Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

self defense teaches the principles and instinctive movements of self defense. In this class you will learn how to defend yourself against general attacks such as being choked and grabbed unexpectedly as well as more serious attacks such as those with knives, guns or sticks. In addition to learning how to defend yourself, you will also be taught how to manage the stress of a violent attack and how to fight through it with confidence.


Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

fighting classes are taught in 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level works on all areas of fighting including: attacks, timing, defenses, movements, visions and feints. Sparring skills are also taught but remember, this is not to prepare you for fighting in the boxing ring, it’s all geared toward being able to handle yourself in a real street fight or attack.


Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

If you’re looking for a bit more of a fitness
edge and a little less self defense,

The Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit fitness class is perfect for your Conditioning in these classes can range from heavy bag work and jump rope drills to a full-on kettlebell workout. While some aspects of self defense are still involved, these classes are a bit more low-key than the first two.

In addition to these classes,

Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

also offers classes specifically
for women, to teach defense and rape prevention tactics as well as classes designed specifically for law enforcement officers and children.

If Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit doesn’t have classes
In your city we have the virtual trainning
Porgram that will go live soon

So if you’re looking for an amazing workout that literally kicks some butt,
check out
Yigal Arbiv IKMA ISRAEL Fighting&Fit

find your nearest training facility location and prepare yourself to get into true fighting shape

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