Hannah Pilnick – About Healing Parents, `The Professionals`, Israel's Channel 10 (English subtitles)

Hannah Pilnick talks about the ‘healing parents’ method. Hannah gives examples of how parents influence their children, and how they can heal them.

What is a disease, and what you can do about it?
A healing parent is a parent who knows his influence on his children, from the moment of conception, until they leave the world. A healing parent is a parent who takes full responsibility on his life and cleanses himself, since he knows that when he cleanses himself he will virtually prevent much suffering, will alleviate existing suffering, and will also heal. And it can be any type of suffering. It can be an emotional suffering, of a socially banished child; it can be a child having a physical problem, for example pneumonia. it can be a thirty five year old girl who wants to get pregnant but cannot.


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