Cycle Through Nature -Indoor cycling in the French Alps Videos for your Treadmill or Exercise Bike

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Cycle Through Nature -Indoor cycling in the French Alps Videos for your Treadmill or Exercise Bike

Cardio fitness is the best way to lose weight, build up strength and become and stay fit. Our virtual walk DVDS make your cardio workouts fun, easy and divers. Jog or run in peaceful natural surroundings or discover the hotspots of big cities like Singapore, Amsterdam and Paris Enjoy long runs on stunning beaches or explore a tropical rainforest. You will even forget that you are exercising.

So step on your treadmill, stationary bike, stair stepper or rowing machine and enjoy yourself.


What a charming video! My poor exercise bike has been neglected since I bought my treadmill, but your new video makes me want to get back on it and do some cycling. The French Alps locations featured here are really lovely, and include an interesting, pleasantly contrasting, variety of scenery (a village, mountain stream, farm animals etc). I like the fact that the video is mostly tracking down one side of the road, where it would be natural to ride. And the flocks of sheep straggling along the road are delightful.
As with all ISIS virtual walks, I found the pace of the cycling video to be just perfect and it really does make you feel as though you are coasting down the mountain on a bicycle. And, as always, the image quality and stability is excellent. I also enjoyed the country sounds – cowbells, running water, chickens, birds, sheep – which helped to draw my mind into the scene.
Christine Edwards

Review of the Virtual Cycle Rides-Through the French Alps

Makes the Exercise bike FUN!,
So you want to get fit, you’ve got an exercise bike but you’re bored solid just doing it to music or watching TV? Ok, so here’s the answer 🙂 Three different 20 minute+ rides through the French Alps , amazing beautiful scenery with the authentic sounds of nature around you ( even the sound of a bike !) .. The “rides” go at a very realistic speed so you really do have the effect of cycling down the actual roads – on the way you pass rivers, go through forests , encounter sheep etc. The whole thing is an excellent way of enlivening your exercise bike routines . For some reason Amazon uk is currently showing it as unavailable but you can buy it from amazon com, or just google naturedvd and get it from their website. Either way I guarantee you’ll more than pleased with this DVD.
mariopops “Andy Rogers” – SOLIHULL, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom

Review of the Virtual Cycle Rides-Through the French Alps

This may be the perfect cycling DVD,
This may be the perfect indoor cycling DVD. You have a choice of workouts to suit your mood, or you can pedal through all three challenges like a hero. You can glide downhill through winding mountain passes and hear the wind whistle in your ears. But watch out for the sheep! Or you can crank it up and race over a long, flat linear route next to a rushing river of glacier water. This being the Alps, there are plenty of climbs, and that’s the part I like best, when I can increase the tension on the spin bike and go at a slower, but more arduous pace. As you approach the top of Mount Ventoux, a beautiful white monument rises like a tower over your shoulder. Dazzling elevations appear, and edgy glances over open space. Then, after that thigh-busting workout, you have the perfect cool down, as you glide down through the conquered valleys—with just enough views of plummeting precipices to keep you honest and on the road.
Dan Carrison – Santa Clarita, CA USA

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To Video Gear to make this film was used is Free Fly Movi,Gimbals
and DJI Ronin and Osmo

Cameras are Canon Mark 3 and Sony FS 5
Videos can also be used to Walk at Home or for Weight Loss
Stay fit and Active with our Virtual Walk and Cycle Exercises
or Work Outs.

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The videos are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience.

All walks are complemented by the natural environment sounds, recorded on location

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