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10 Dec Are You Feeling Anxious? Posted at 19:00h in Motivation by Natalie Jill BLAME fixes NOTHING. NADA… not a thing. If you find yourself ANGRY, STRESSED, JUDGING OTHERS or living in FEAR and “blaming” this is for you…REAL TALK..So many divisions, opinions, fears, judgements and hate happening right now. Dagnabbit…it’s divisive, polarizing and scary. It’s happening all over the place. And it’s sucking way way way too many people in.This morning I felt my mood changing in a bad way… all because of the rabbit holes I went down. Have you done that? Found yourself reading, sharing, engaging in stuff making you mad? And BLAMING? And if you have, what exactly did that change (except your mood)So. Much.Blame.No matter what you believe or don’t believe BLAME FIXES NOTHING. Nor does anger. Nor does fighting someone in a comment thread. Nor does being mean. Nor does “cancelling” It fixes nothing.My question to you – to all of us- is IS being in BLAME mode “HELPING” anything at all in your life? Is being “RIGHT” in your beliefs helping or solving anything in your life?The people who are WINNING And actually having a great 2020? They are not BLAMING. They known better.. they may be sharing their beliefs , their convictions, but they are not in blame mode.What will work?Stop spending time reading and Listening to things that make your blood boil.Take PERSONAL ACTIONS to do what YOU believe is the right thingBe productiveFocus on solutionsFocus on getting or saying healthyFocus on solutions you CAN controlFocus on what you want to createAnd stop BLAMINGXO,Natalie JillPS. Start changing your mindset, go HERE!Comments

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