CANCER "Making a Swift Decision or Sacrifice" December 2020

Tarot reading for Cancer for December 2020 by Mayen the Intuitively Blunt Tarot Reader
Reading for Astrological Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, & Ascendant.

Abridged Doorway Spread
1) Situation
2) Potential Doorway
3) Potential Outcome

Tarot Deck:
Rider Waite

Let’s stick together in staying safe, healing, and uplifting hope for our futures! At the end of the day, we are the creators of our lives. Let the skies and magicians looking up to its divine find the insight we’re looking for on our journeys of self-discovery.

💫 You are supportable and supported
💫 You are loving and loved
💫 You are deserving and blessed

Thank you to all the subscribers old and new! Your support is invaluable, and I am grateful for this growing channel. I’m a self-taught tarot reader, and I am in love with this work. As said in the video, this channel is meant to learn about and explore the varying passages of healing in our lives.

Please do your best to keep the faith! Enjoy! 💜

*These tarot readings are for entertainment, general guidance, and advice only. You may not always find they resonate or are accurate. Remember time is fluid! Always prioritize professional help in terms of physical and mental health/legal and financial advice.

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