Calum von Moger is a Prick + Fouad Abiad's Camera + Chris Masterjohn's Alcohol + Greg Doucette, Rat?

Biohacking and Bodybuilding returns for a 9th episode.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Leo’s change of supplements and medication and lost voice
01:30 Right dog food for your dog and dog diarrhea
03:28 Nick on dogs, allergies of them and taking care of them
07:41 lol
08:25 Leo on animals and their allergies
09:04 PJ Braun and Dave Paulambo’s snake collections
11:33 Animals Nick and Leo want to keep
13:20 Talk on parrots and Lions

Start of the podcast topics:

16:46 Talk about the podcast and improvements for audio- and video-quality
21:05 Here are the footnotes, copy them, delete my comment and add stuff I missed, I listen to this stuff on x3 speed, so I can easily miss stuff and I am not a native English speaker, can’t do it every time, since I only watch when I have time
22:35 Addressing a commenter that was upset, because Leo and Nick mentioned Stan Efferding in a way that wasn’t just cock sucking
24:55 Leo “hyper-complimenting” Derek (More Plates More Dates), Jordan Peterson, Peter Attia, etc
26:20 Why Leo is “shitting on” Fouad Abiad
28:49 Why Leo is “shitting on” Layne Norton
29:55 Why critiquing Stand Efferding isn’t insulting him
31:54 Luke Sandel on Nick; Nick on his career and goals
34:43 Calling out Chris Masterjohn on an irresponsible video about alcohol (He has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and is endorsed by Leo.
37:25 Nick on differing opinions on Social Media
38:35 Leo on the characters of Layne Norton, Fouad Abiad, Stan Efferding and Chris Masterjohn
40:40 Roelly Winklaar’s (?) triceps looking inflamed/syntholy and workout methodology of “pumping”
44:58 Nick on depletion workouts before a show
46:15 Ahmad Ashkanani, iranian genetics as Arab competitor
47:04 Political tension between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula + Israel + assassination of iran’s leading scientist
48:39 Chad Nickels(?) on Ramy and a show while the virus is an issue
52:25 Teasing future guests of the podcast, Chad Nickels laudatio,m and Big Ramy


55:45 ᴳʳᵉᵍ ᴰᵒᵘᶜᵉᵗᵗᵉ | Ratty or Not?
56:07 Nick on how he met Kali Muscle
57:32 allegedly ᴳʳᵉᵍ is a snitch
59:01 Nick’ thoughts ᴳʳᵉᵍ’ˢ video on Kali Muscle and the ramifications of it
01:01:22 Leo’s background information about ᴳʳᵉᵍ (cheating on tested events and snitching on his friends)
01:05:00 Is betraying your friends to save your own skin a sin you can atone for?
01:09:29 2 sins Leo can never forgive
01:11:37 Nick on Chris Jones’ videos (“Beastmode Jones” Youtube Channel)
01:12:54 ᴳʳᵉᵍ lying about his Testosterone dosage, compounds and snitching
01:16:42 How Leo KNOWS ᴳʳᵉᵍ is a rat
01:18:23 Nick’s opinion of ᴳʳᵉᵍ and the ramification of his videos on people’s livelihoods
01:20:36 Leo’s issues with ᴳʳᵉᵍ
01:22:21 Ripping on people for attention/views
01:24:38 Ethics of Kali mentioning ᴳʳᵉᵍ not being a real man and infertility
01:30:30 Nick on reading people and their energy

Calum van Arrogant:

01:32:11 Calum van Moger aka “Calum van Arrogant”
01:33:10 Nick on how the story of Calum van Moger came to be
01:41:09 Leo’s reaction to Calum van Moger’s response
01:44:00 Leo on why Calum van Moger was offended
01:46:17 Calum’s private reply to Leo and Leo ripping him a new one
01:50:45 Ending notes of the podcast

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