Israel Adesanya's Secret To Self-Mastery | Celebrity Interviews

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00:00:00 Israel Adesanya interview introduction
00:00:35 Adesanya’s come-up in fighting
00:02:05 “Stay broke, stay woke baby!”
00:02:47 Money management and trusting your team
00:05:23 How therapy took him to the next level
00:06:40 Depression has his UFC debut
00:07:59 Friendships and the importance of alone time
00:08:30 Importance of visualization and planning
00:09:29 Mental preparation for UFC 253 Adesanya vs Costa fight
00:11:05 On not taking things personally and being patient
00:11:33 Activating “God Mode” when he’s fighting
00:12:13 How we all have different sides to ourselves
00:15:17 Stepping into your role when it’s time to fight
00:15:28 Avatar and tapping into your “Avatar State”
00:15:50 Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236
00:16:30 Importance of detaching from outcomes
00:17:07 Humility and how anyone can lose at anytime
00:17:45 Navigating the challenging moments in fighting
00:18:50 Self-preservation and taking control of your mind
00:20:15 Leveraging your emotions to your advantage
00:20:52 Controlling happiness, sadness, fear, excitement
00:21:58 Why he doesn’t attach himself to belts and status
00:22:47 Plans and ambitions beyond the octagon
00:23:21 Creating change and not seeking validation
00:23:59 Starting a family and goals as an entrepreneur
00:24:55 Love of creating, video games, voice over work
00:25:35 Creativity, fighter stereotypes and living freely
00:26:29 Being comfortable with yourself, living your truth
00:26:44 Fighters being actors, getting stuck in character
00:27:58 Kids and maintaining your childhood imagination
00:28:41 September 4th 2013: the day he quit his job
00:29:07 His learning style, books, audiobooks, “look-see-do”
00:29:55 Why we need to normalizing logging off Instagram
00:31:13 Why nobody is “normal” and being honest with yourself
00:31:55 A powerful story he’s never told anyone before…
00:33:43 Being honest with yourself and accepting flaws
00:34:49 Failing to quit his job but still not giving up
00:35:50 Keeping a “Vision Folder” or catalog of goals
00:37:00 How Adesanya lives a balanced life and keeps it together
00:39:01 Israel Adesanya interview conclusion

And yes, this is the official Jones tweet interview.


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