Israel Klezmer Orchestra – Yiddish Fitness Number 1

Pesach and Pascha holidays are behind us and now it’s a time to get back to a good shape and make a fitness!! Israel Klezmer Orchestra with 3 super professional fitness couches – Shelly Adoub, Adi Dayan, Shirit Bertrand recorded a fitness lesson tune from their homes especially for you! So.. let’s make some fitness!!

Shirit Bertrand, Adi Dayan, Shelly Adoub- fitness couches.
Yehuda Fogel- sound mix, music arrangement, video arrangement, producer.
Gershon Leizerson- Yiddish Fitness creator and producer, the tune composer, violin, lyrics, vocals.
Ioram Linker- Baritone Saxophone and vibe maker
Elyashiv Shapira- clarinet
Omri Bar Sela- clarinet
Rotem Koval – harmonica
Shir Levran – Trombone
Regev Baruch – Drums
Arik Shifman – guitar


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