Marty from Brentwood, MO — Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery

It’s wonderful. I feel like this is the first summer I’ve lived in a long, long time. I’ve really been able to enjoy the pool and activities. I had gotten to where I couldn’t walk very far and now I can walk, I can go shopping and it’s just a whole new beginning. My feeling when I need to do something I would say, “That’s okay. You can go on and go or else if I go with you, don’t mind if I sit some place and wait for you.” and now I don’t have to do any of those things anymore because I was seriously thinking about buying a motorize scooter so I can do stuff.

I went to a thousand of diets and just learning that wasn’t going to work for me and you’d lose it and you’d gain it back again and I felt like I was on a yo-yo which they say it’s not good for you. Like that, okay, accept me for what I am and I kind of gave up for quite awhile there. I did have what they called the sleeve which is the newest process and everyone like on my support group who talks about that had the sleeve, they all rave about it. I’m not restricted and that what I was afraid would happen and help myself to whatever just not too much of it.

The education that I got before the surgery was remarkable and I’m like anybody that goes through this definitely should have that education, the nutritionist and the support groups that get together and all the information that they give you, it makes you understand a lot more and know what to, they also tell you what to expect and that also helps a lot, you know where you are going with this whole thing.

Marty from Brentwood, MO, close to St. Louis, talks about her personal experience with bariatric (weight loss) surgery and the team at Des Peres Hospital’s MyNewSelf Surgical Weight Loss Program in St. Louis, MO. Marty had a sleeve gastrectomy.

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