Why Reopening Schools Could Be So Dangerous: New Studies Show Children Have 10-100x The Viral Load

The new school year is fast approaching, and re-opening schools is of critical importance to both child welfare and national economies. But recent research studies from Chicago and Trento in Italy suggests that our understanding of the low symptomatic rate of children may vastly obscure their infectiousness – which can be several times higher than adults’. Are there other measures our countries can take to reopen schools successfully, or could this prompt a catastrophic second wave?

0:00 Introduction
0:16 Why Re-Open Schools?
3:32 So What’s The Problem?
5:41 What Does This Mean?
7:29 Basic R Number Modelling
8:40 Test and Trace
10:27 Conclusion


Media – consequences of not reopening schools:

Media – consequences of opening schools:

R0 Analysis:

Epidemic Calculator:

Media – test and tracing:


Heald-Sargent et al, JAMA: Age Related Differences

Fateh-Moghadam et al, Pre-print: Contact tracing in Trento


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