Green DIET MISO SOUP Recipe – For Weight Loss!

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This is a really healthy soup option. This is my recipe for green miso soup. You can add whatever vegetables you like to this dish. The important thing is that you are consuming the miso paste and are getting the huge health benefits from it. Never boil miso, always add it last and after the heat has been turned off. It is a fermented food and therefore contains healthy bacteria for your gut health! If you have any sort of digestion issues, this soup is going to do wonders for your body when you consume it regularly. It really is a very filling meal that you can have on any diet. I even eat it on the Atkins diet. My husband eats it on his gluten free, Warrior Diet.

We take half of the soup and put it in the freezer for an already prepared meal later on in the month. We do not own a microwave. Just put this on the stove until it is warm. You do not want to microwave or boil this soup, as the bacteria in it will not be beneficial if you do. This tastes way better than a green smoothie to me. This is the only way I like to eat greens!

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Today I’m working with greens and to cut them ,I cut off each of the leaves from the stalk.
Stack them up.
Roll them up. Cut them. Give it a half-turn and make another cut.
Now cut the rest and have small pieces for soup. Thats great.
Now to cut the stalk, I just cut it into strips, turn it and cut it into diced pieces.
Now cut up an onion into small dices.
I have some frozen sugar snap peas that I’ve cut in half. If you want them more firm, add them later on when the soup is almost done.
I’m adding about 1 cup of frozen broccoli and a handful of button mushrooms that I’m going to chop into small bits.
You can add 1-2 tbsp dried ginger to this recipe, but I’m not today.
Add all of this to a dutch oven pan and fill all the way to the top with your choice of liquids. Traditionally, miso soup is made with fish broth. I am just using plain water today.
This is how it looks after about 30 minutes.
Dunk a bowl in and retrieve some of the hot water.
Add about 4 tablespoons of miso paste to the water and mix it in well. This can take a few minutes.
Add about 1/4 cup of soy sauce to taste.
And its ready to serve.
You can top with green spring onions, but I am topping this with dried seaweed. I hope you get a chance to try this. It’s delicious! Links are Amazon Affiliate


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