India Allies US Israel sending Military Equipments to India against China

India Allies US Israel sending Military Equipments to India against China.Us India nor China seemingly not backing off, it appears two are pushing their military to their limits in Galwan Valley in Ladakh region. China’s mouthpiece Global Times news says it is wishful thinking of India calling for US aid.

Here we can clearly see China’s mouthpiece news says it is afraid of India. From f the Global times just turned in few weeks upsides down, as already Indian allies of pouring in their support to India now they are sending military equipment and accepting India’s request for more military equipments to be or delivered.

As the tension rising every day I P trailing every day in significant development in the US allies or lining up to send from military equipment to jets for India. India’s oldest Ally Russia has said OK to deliver all the military equipments daily basis what of 1 billion dollars. Israel to send land to the air defence system. Forms to send 4 to 6 Rafale jets on July 27th. Us already said many details about India and China’s tensions and it has stretched their Full support India.

Now you are sending precession artillery round to India and the US has already been helping India with its vital intelligent and satellite imagery that gives planning clarity on the India China border situation. India’s inventory also has m777s which are good at mountain worfares. Also, the United States asked India to give the list to whatever India wanted in the least possible so that us can assist India.

Meanwhile India and Japan or doing military exercises near the Malacca Strait, Indian Navy ships and two Japanese Navy ships. This might be a small exercise but it comes at the backdrop when India and China border tensions arising. This shows how fast India can pull its allies closer to India in a kritical situation.

On the date of delivery of Rafale jets from France to India, this brings most runs to Indian military.4 to 6 Jets will land in Ambala in the Haryana state of India.

Instead of pulling to watch the friendship between China and India, China is pushing India away daily what conditions does China make for India on what India keeps as a condition as both countries do not reveal anything for now. But India has more very closer than before to its allies US, Japan, Australia, France, and Israel. China’s foreign policy is only focused on us it is from India and day by day that attention process India towards its allies. Very bad for China according to a news article.

No doubt India has huge allies against China, but also news article says India might face China on the other side and akistan on one side and maybe Nepal in the other side in a battle friend if it happens. India has already said it is fully ready to counter anything from China and closely watching akistan East air force base also.

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