It's Christmas 2009; Track 04; No Time to Diet

Western Avenue Baptist Church
“It’s Christmas” 2009 concert series

The first few pieces express the joy and fun of the season. While not explicitly “sacred” pieces, we acknowledge the place Christmas has as an integral part of American culture. This provides a happy frame of reference many visitors who come to hear our presentation will share in common. For many people it can truly seem to be the most wonderful time of the year. For many others it is a time of painful memories or even grave depression. Here, perhaps, is our first sign of the hope of the season that all may be encouraged for the anticipation of something much better: the salvation not merely of Israel, but of all people.

This song features a hungry and slightly overweight Templeton Bear as well as a few of our children (including 2 of mine).

Presented by:
The Celebration Choir and Orchestra
Conducted by: Rodney Harrison and John Bailey

Words and Music by Linda Rebuck, David & Bonnie Huntsinger
Arranged and Orchestrated by David T. Clydesdale
Written music published by Word Music
Copyright 1989 New Spring

Cameras: Tony Consalvo
Live Sound: Rick Cline
Video Editing and Sound Mixing: Jim Pemberton


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