From Iran, More Missiles With Israel Threat

SelectPlusFrom Iran, More Missiles With Israel ThreatFrom Iran, More Missiles With Israel ThreatThe Associated PressIran tests more missiles it says are capable of hitting Israel. But Iran’s president sees no conflict with Israel, which is worried about Iran’s nuclear complex and its bomb-making potential. (July 10)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:VO state television images of missiles being fired][Notes:VO anchor on state TV] ANOTHER DAY OF MISSILE TESTS IN IRAN … STATE TELEVISION SAYS THE EXERCISES SHOW THE COUNTRY CAN DEFEND ITSELF AGAINST ANY ATTACK BY THE UNITED STATES OR ISRAEL.THIS COMES AFTER IRAN TEST-FIRED AT LEAST NINE OTHER MISSILES ON WEDNESDAY … INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE CAPABLE OF HITTING ISRAEL. BUT IRAN’S PRESIDENT SAYS HE SEES NO POSSIBILITY OF A WAR WITH ANY NATION. [Notes:VO Rice setup shot]TRAVELING IN THE FORMER SOVIET REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA, SECRETARY OF STATE CONDOLEEZZA RICE SAYS THE U-S WILL DEFEND ISRAEL.SOT: We take very, very strongly our obligation to help our allies defend themselves, and no one should be confused about that. We are also able to look to the future of a missile defense system that will make it more difficult for Iran to threaten and be bellicose and say terrible things because their missiles won’t work. [Notes:VO traffic, news stand in Tehran]ON THE STREETS OF TEHRAN, THE TESTS WERE WELCOMED BY SOME. [Notes:NATS up in Farsi]THIS MAN SAYS THE MANEUVERS ARE GOOD BECAUSE THE U-S AND ISRAEL WILL FIND OUT THAT IRAN HAS PROGRESSED IN ITS MILITARY AND TECHNOLOGY … AND CAN STAND ON ITS FEET.ISRAEL HAS RECENTLY STAGED A MILITARY EXERCISE OVER THE MEDITERRANEAN, DESCRIBED BY U.S. OFFICIALS AS A POSSIBLE REHEARSAL FOR A STRIKE ON IRAN’S NUCLEAR COMPLEX … WHICH COULD PRODUCE ATOMIC WEAPONS. [Notes:VO ground shots of surveillance plane] ON THE HEELS OF THIS LATEST MISSILE TEST, ISRAEL IS SHOWING OFF THIS PLANE WITH SOPHISTICATED INTELLIGENCE-GATHERING SYSTEMS IT SAYS CAN SPY ON IRAN … FLYING CLOSE TO THE GROUND AND BEHIND MOUNTAINS.SHOWS OF FORCE FROM TWO NATIONS IN THIS TROUBLED PART OF THE WORLD. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:————————-VIDEO PRODUCER: Lee Powell——————————VIDEO SOURCE: Al-Alam (no Access Iran), Georgia Pool, APTN————————–VIDEO APPROVAL:——————————VIDEO RESTRICTIONS:———————————-SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: APTN ++IranGeorgiaMissiles 2, +MidEast Iran————————————


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