Diet among the Earths Religions Pt. 2

By Tammi Hagensick through Professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II, opensourcebuddhism.og
This very nice overview begins with a description of the extreme Jain traditions fruitarianism etc. Hagensick presents very nice visuals of all the rajas or activity foods, those of tamas darkness foods etc. Next in line is Buddhism with no particular approach, apart from it not having been killed for a monk, Buddhists can eat meat = no bad karma. The royal animals are however forbidden: elephants and lions for instance. Fasting, so common around the Earth, is common here too. Hinduism follows this and the taboo against eating the holy cow. Like the Jews, Hindus have elaborate food laws. Fasting and feasting days for the lively Hindus. Jewish kashrut or kosher foods are presented next. Islamic laws of halal/haram or healthy and harmful foods are then described, based on the Quran. Seems the other white meat pork is once again taboo, as with the Jews. Alcohol, actually Arabic for the Dark One and all spirits are forbidden. Catholic diets are seasonal. Seems gluttony is taboo what happened then in the West? Zoroastrianism is briefly pre-viewed seems reasonable eating is just fine. Rastas are next, and again, no pigs! Seems to have borrowed from Judaism and of course, they consider themselves a lost tribe of Israel. Like Muslims, all drugs but cannabis are forbidden interesting. Even coffee is forbidden, but not the sacred substance as they see it. Very nice conclusion couching the diets into Earths many worldviews. Hagensick found so many appropriate, crisp clear images for this extensive investigation. Narration is clear and well-spoken, music is toned down nicely but adds a nice atmosphere for this very excellent project. GRADE +5% extra credit. jp


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