deep cleaning & decluttering my room, new room decor, winter clothing haul, SoulCycle + more!

Hey everyone, thank you so much for clicking on this video! In this video I did a bunch of fun & productive things to kick off the new year! I deep cleaned, decluttered, and organized my room, I got some new room decor, I went to SoulCycle for the first time in almost a year, and I got some cute winter clothes. I really hope you enjoy the video πŸ™‚

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β˜† Time-stamps:
0:03 ~ intro
0:19 ~ cleaning & decluttering my room
4:07 ~ new room decor!
6:37 ~ going to SoulCycle for the 1st time in a year!
9:12 ~ mini winter clothing haul
11:00 ~ outro

β˜† A little about me!
Hi! My name is Ann, I am 17 years old and I live with my mom, dad, siblings, and my dog. I started my YouTube channel because I’ve always wanted to start a channel since middle school and making YouTube videos is so much fun, so I really hope you enjoy my videos! I post anything from fun vlogs, health & fitness videos, unboxings, hauls, baking videos, and more. I’d love it if you want to stick around and subscribe to my channel! Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications so you never miss an upload!

how old are you?
-17 (as of when this video was posted)
what grade are you in?
what camera do you use?
-my iPhone XS
what editing software do you use?
-iMovie on my MacBook; the app Phonto for text
what’s your uploading schedule?
-i post every Sunday @9am PST!

β˜† Music (in order of appearance)
Music by frumhere, kevatta – warm feeling –
Music by Mark Generous – Meganne –
Music by Reggie San Miguel – Twilight –
Music by ninjoi. – Through the Knight –
Midnight North – This is a Jazz Space –
Music by Clueless Kit – Rooftop –
Gucci Louis – Rap Beat 2 – ; SoundCloud:

I do not own or claim the rights to the music in this video.

β˜† Credits:
– Pink subscribe button credit: Anava Israel
– “Wave” transition credit: Brogan Algar
Her channel:
Her website:

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