Home Workout (Tabata HIIT)/UPHC/Israel Imanuel/10-9


Tabata HIIT is a workout that only requires a short time but with only a short time, our body (especially in the muscles) will be more felt and our muscles will easily develop. Why with a short time our muscles will easily develop? Because, with a short time we will do the movements more quickly and will be easily felt in our muscles and easy to develop.

There are 5 movements that I use, namely:
– Jumping jack
– high knee
– Crunch kick
– Push up
– High to low plank

Jumping Jack
This sport includes cardio because it will be very useful for our heart. the movement is done by using the foot as a spill and then jumping while opening the lid and the hands will be in the upper and lower movements.

High knee
This sport includes cardio as well because it trains breathing and heart because doing these movements is one of the keys to how people can run fast and not easily tired. This movement will be done using our two legs to strengthen the thigh and calf muscles.

Crunch kick
This exercise is useful to help endurance in our muscles, especially in the abdomen because the sport is more focused on the abdominal muscles. This movement is done with both legs bent towards the abdomen.

Push ups
This sport can include Tabata hits because the movements are quite fast and will be felt to our biceps and triceps muscles. Not only that, this exercise will train our heart to stay healthy. The only way to do this is to position both hands and feet on the floor and start going up and down like you are holding a weight.

High to Low plank
This sport is a combination of high plank and low plank. These movements are useful for training muscles and burning calories. How to do it only with the push-up position and then his hands begin to bend and form a low plank then push-back position and so on.

Hopefully from the explanation and video above, it can be useful for all of you.

Stay safe all !! #stayathome

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