She Got 6 Interviews While Going Against Much of What I Teach | Mission: Accepted S1 E4

Today we talk with a student who got 6 med school interviews this year, despite going against many of my typical recommendations. Her personal statement in particular breaks strongly from what I teach—but it worked out! Let’s dig in and see what there is to learn here.

Mission: Accepted features successful med school applicants. We dive into their full applications, looking at specifically what worked well, along with what they could’ve done even better.

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So today we’re chatting with a student who applied for the first time in 2020 and has gotten 6 interviews. Looking at her stats, she had a few classes with a C+ or similar grades, with a 3.63 total cumulative GPA and a 505 MCAT score.

We discuss:

• Why she believes she was successful with her application cycle.
• What I would’ve considered weaknesses in her application.
• How her application created intrigue.
• Why she included institutional actions on her application that weren’t on her official record.
• How she wrote about her institutional actions, given that she honestly wasn’t at fault.
• How she got 6 retroactive withdrawals in freshman year due to a death in her family.
• Why she stopped all of her extracurricular activities a few months before applying to med school.
• A potential trap when you’re too selective and strategic about what you include or exclude from your med school application.
• Why her shadowing hours would concern me a bit.
• How her activity descriptions differ from my typical recommendation.
• How her application put together a picture of who she is and what she wants to do.
• Why her personal statement went against almost everything I typically recommend.
• How her unique personal statement actually falls into many of the same patterns of what most premeds do.
• Her advice for mistakes that other premeds should avoid.

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