Weekly Webinar with Mike and James 1-14-2021

Every week, Mike and James answer your questions in depth! Ask in the comments below !

The Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy Training book is out now!

0:00 Intro
0:47 Why does lifting burn so few calories?
6:13 Why not start a mesocycle at MAV instead of MEV?
9:39 Do I have poor genetics?
17:39 Do you ever find that some lift numbers stay the same but SFR improves?
21:57 How to determine the SFR when pump/tension is good but no DOMS?
26:54 Best way to get back to training after injury requiring surgery and rehab?
30:28 Can you talk about periodization & programming for Calisthenics Lifting?
33:29 Why are RP’s recommendations and 3DMJ’s recommendations for muscle growth divergent?
38:44 Can your connective tissue MRV be different depending on proximity to failure? What should you do about it?
43:00 If I’m able to replicate last week’s performance but at a lower RIR, am I overreaching?
49:55 Outro


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