Mental Health Awareness – Livestream with Ben Atkinson

Kicking off at 9am on Sunday, Ben Atkinson, The Opportunities Party candidate for Banks Peninsula and Mental Health Spokesperson, will be speaking with mental health workers, community practitioners, and people with lived experience with mental health issues throughout the course of his 11-hour live stream event.

Last year we lost 654 to suicide, so we will be livestreaming for 654 minutes to honour them.

“Mental health is absolutely something that needs to be talked about here in Aotearoa, we have some of the most alarming mental health statistics in the OECD,” says Atkinson. “I’m committing the 654 minutes of livestreaming to really dig into how people can get engaged in services and highlighting what we can do for mental health in our country.”

Join us throughout the day.

More event details here:


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