When will the New Zealand Borders Open – Live stream Podcast 9

Join us as we discuss when will the New Zealand Borders Open this Sunday
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I try and show why I think New Zealand is the safest country in the world and why its one of the best places to immigrate to in the world.I try help where I can with how to move to new zealand questions. So many people want to know how is life in new zealand as a south african.I show the pros and cons of living in new zealand and also point out the bad things about living in New Zealand.The best and the worst of living in New Zealand gets shown. If you want to know what life is like in new zealand in a realistic way this channel will be for you.Join me and my family as I do weekly family vlogs about life in New Zealand,travelling in New Zealand & generally how it is for a South african expat living in New Zealand. I also do live stream podcast on general topics about life in new zealand, you will also find fitness weight loss videos where I share my journey & every now and then I might do a cover singing video
This channel is for anyone who likes family life travel and exploring type videos, you might also be from New Zealand or anywhere around the world but want to be part of the SomethingEls community which focusses on family life & how life is for a South African expat in New Zealand.The goal is to build a network of like minded people so we can all support each other it does not matter from which walk of life or country you from, call me a dreamer but this is what I envision for this channel. I give you a feeling of hows life in New Zealand so even if you still living in South Africa or any other county and planning on immigrating to New Zealand you will love this channel.Immigrating to New Zealand from South Africa was not easy as the New Zealand immigration process was a long journey.My dream is to be a full time youtuber one day to entertain the masses with more expeditions and family fun.I follow people on youtube that inspire me and make similar content to what I want to make like Alex the Vagabond,jessica van heerden,The Vee family,Kishanell,Emma Stevens,kiwiamericans,growing up without borders,kiwi bush family,lemkus family,Daneger and Stacey,Not even french,Melissa Botha,Dani Watt,Jan Viljoen,The Family Files,Shaaanxo vlogs,Ela Gale,Jamies World,Renaldo Gouws,Peter and Yen,Zarelsie van der merwe,NZ pocket guide and many more. I have a huge passion for the fitness industry and made my own one year long weight loss documentary, I show you how you can change your body through dramatic weight loss in a health manner through this documentary.I have been to fit to fat and back to fit again, this is something that I have learned to do as a ex personal trainer I know how to loose weight. Join me on my fitness journey where I show you how to run for fat loss, how to gain muscle with weight training. People think they must join a f45 program to loose weight instead of understanding that there is no fat doctor only a patient that needs to realize you can change your lifestyle which will change your life.My weightloss transformation journey always is a fitness weightloss journey and involves some type of cardio. See how I go from obese to beast, from supersize to marathon fit.I have followed many weightloss influencers like Dr Now, Josef Rakich,David Goggins,Paulpjjames,Chris pratt,Jonah Hill,Focus Fight Finish,Tagata Pasifika,Liezl Jane Strydom,Elle IP, and realized that I have to find my own recipe for success by taking a little of each of these peoples advise and applying it to my life. This is what I have done and this has given me the weight loss motivation I have today with my own process I follow. So it does not matter if I gain weight on holiday or for any reason I can always loose the weight again
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