How to Activate the Glutes using the Best Clamshell Exercises

How to Activate the Glutes using the Best Clamshell Exercises

Glute activation exercises are often sought after for two main purposes. Number one is that everyone wants to develop their glutes. Better looking glutes is often the reason why many people will perform glute exercises such as the banded clamshell. The second reason why people seek out glute activation drills is to provide pain relief for back, hip, knee issues. This video will cover my favorite exercises to activate the glutes for both looking good and feeling good to reduce injuries.

0:00 start of video
0:30 reasons people desire glute activation exercises
1:30 the best ways to develop the glutes
2:20 glute activation drill number 1 (banded clamshell in 90/90 position)
3:50 creating torque to activate the glutes
5:17 glute activation drill number 2 (banded clamshell hip extended)
7:50 glute activation drill number 3 (standing closed chain clamshell)
10:20 glute activation drill number 4 (hip locked clamshell)

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