Huge military exercise between Israel and USA

A huge military exercise has been being conducted by the United States European Command and the Israeli military.

The exercise, codenamed “Austere Challenge 12”, is aimed at improving the combined fighting capabilities of the two countries.

Alon Ben David, Military analyst of Israel Channel 10:

“The current scenario for AC12 is everything. It is missiles from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, and this is an all-out war. And the current scenario covers missiles and rocket fired at Israel from all directions, north, east and south, so we are talking about thousands of rockets and missiles. That is this scenario for the exercise.”

According to the US military, about 3,500 US officers and men are participating in the exercise, with 1,000 deployed in Israel. Meanwhile, there are several “Patriot” anti-ballistic missile intercepting systems and an “Arleigh Burke” class destroyer taking part in it, also in Israel.

Uzi Eilam, Member of Israeli Institute for National Security Studies:

“It is a down-to-earth economic problem. They could not afford very, very expensive effort, so they have to change something. And the proof is happening to them.”

The US military will spend about USD 30 million while the Israeli military about USD 7.9 million on the exercise that would last for three weeks, reports said.


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