Introducing Wizzy Fitness | Will Osorio & Israel Hernandez | Back & Bicep Workout |

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Back & Bicep Workout
Barbell Row – 4X15-20 reps
superset with chest supported row wide grip -4 X 15-20 reps
Single Hand Row – 4 X 15-20 reps
Superset With Double Hand Dumbbell Row – 4 X 15-20 reps
Rear Delt Machine – 4 X 15-20 reps
Wide Lat Machine Pull Down – 4 X 15-20 reps

Bicep Exercise ALL 4 SETS AND 15-20 REPS
Ez-Bar Curl ( Wide Grip)
Two Handed Dumbbell Bicep Curl (Sitting)
Superset W/ Different Hand Very Time
Next: Exercise Is Cable Curls Drop set On This One.

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