P90X and Atkins Diet Results Week 4

Four weeks of working out already? You betcha. It’s been 30 days and I feel great. I will hit my 50 pounds lost goal soon and will make a video showing my exercise progress with that. I will also kick off the 50 pound loss by doing a 30 day juice fast. WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I THINKING? I hate juicing, I hate it so much. However, this weight needs to come off faster than it is right now. I got a life to live and this weight is holding me back. I’m ready to shed it and be done with it. Below are some stats:

Starting weight: 299
End of the water fast 264
Gained up to 281
1 month on Atkins, down to 269
1 month on Atkins and P90X: 261

I have 12 pounds to go until I hit 50 pounds down. Worth it? Yeah…. Even if I lose NO weight, I still feel stronger, my waist is getting smaller, I’m losing inches, I can walk up the stairs. I feel grateful for my life and the mobility I have and I want to keep moving so that I never lose it. Lifting weights has done me so well with my self esteem, my social anxiety, depression, and binge eating disorder (believe it or not!) Who wants to binge after they’ve worked out for an hour a day!? Not this girl!

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