Social Isolation and Seniors: Tips for Maintaining Physical and Mental Health

A collaborative effort between Old Colony Y and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Plymouth.

Most COVID-19 response efforts are focused on addressing the health and economic issues brought on by the pandemic. Too often, we fail to consider the significant social implications that may arise from such an event. At the Y, we’re looking to make this transition – and new way of life – a little easier.

Maintaining physical distance from our friends and family can be challenging. It can make us feel socially isolated and cause anxiety – especially during a crisis. That’s why practicing good physical, mental, and cognitive health is more important than ever!

Join the Y’s Jennifer Pinto, LMHC, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Dr. Alejandro Mendoza on this virtual call to learn how you can promote a health spirit, mind, and body. Ask questions, learn from the experts, and share your experience!

This session has been customized for our Seniors, providing information and resources to support physical, mental, and cognitive wellness during social isolation:
– The effects of social isolation can differ between generations.
– Common challenges and pitfalls experienced by my generation.
– Effective strategies for maintaining good physical and mental health.
– Checklist of “essentials” for supporting cognitive functioning during social isolation.
– Techniques for staying connected and engaged.
– Tips for integrating familiar routines into your “new normal.”

While our buildings are temporarily closed, this is just one of the ways we’re still mobilizing to meet community needs. We appreciate your patience during the last few weeks, and we want you to know we’re still here for you and your family.

Thank you to all our participants and call leaders!


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