Israel Adesanya Inspired HIIT Workout [Top Finishes!] | Workout with Alex

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Work your entire body with this intense Israel Adesanya inspired martial arts workout (the first episode of the Spring Six-Pack Challenge). This home workout with no equipment comprises ten of Adesanya’s best combinations and finishes. Alex takes you through a challenging workout where we incorporate HIIT training to burn fat, lose weight, increase our metabolism and feel amazing!

These workouts, along with a healthy eating plan (see links below), will help you to get fitter, stronger and feel your best. Stick to the program, and see and feel the difference it makes. Enjoy the workout!

Spring Workouts with Alex Challenge:

EP#1 – Israel Adesanya Inspired HIIT Workout – (This Workout)
EP#2 – Upper Body Kettlebell HIIT Workout –
EP#3 – Legs and Glute Kettlebell HIIT Workout –
EP#4 – Ab Kettlebell HIIT Workout – (Coming Soon)

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