Shomray Hab'reet Shabbat Service (Afternoon) – Praise, Worship and Q&A

We welcome you once again as you join Congregation Shomray Hab’reet for our Afternoon Service. “We are The Keepers Of The Covenant”

Order Of Service:

– Reciting of Psalms, Proverbs & Words of Encouragement.
– Health & Our Bodies : Wisdom 1st – Emah Naami
– Debray HaYameem – Moreh Yeftahk
– Knowledge and Wisdom Time : 20 Questions About The Morning Lesson.
– Closing Prayers
– Community Announcements

Please find it in your heart to contribute to our organization with your generous Tithes, Offerings, and Donations at one of the following:

– CashApp : $ShomrayHabreet

– Zelle : 917-804-6420

– PayPal : [email protected]

May the Most High God bless you because of your donations.

Peace and Blessings


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