Let's Talk Primary Health Care Ep. 3: How to support the health and well-being of our PHC workforce

Taking a proactive approach to the mental health and well being of our PHC workforce: What are the challenges facing the PHC workforce? What do we need to support them? What kind of support and capacity is needed? How do we catalyze a system wide leadership to ensure that health and well being supports are in place?
The talk show discussed the leadership role of governments and facility managers but also reflected on the role of multidisciplinary teams in caring for one another.

Melita Jakab, Head of Office, WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care

Dr Dan Chisholm, Technical Officer, Mental Health Program, Division of Country Health Policies and Systems, WHO Regional Office for Europe
Morgan Lucey, National Lead for the HSE Employee Assistance Programme, Ireland
Dr Jana Chihai, Psychiatrist and psychotherapis, Republic of Moldova
Ariel Semberov, Israel


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