Bioharvest Sciences: Shareholders Update Thoughts!

Bioharvest Sciences Shareholders Update! Vinia Marketing! Vinia Snack Bar! Cannabis product commercialization! Let’s get into it!

New Brokerage! Public!!!

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Bioharvest Sciences:


Clinical Trials:

Could this be a new competitor or manufacturer for Aphria, Curaleaf, Planet 13, Canopy Growth, Tilray, Gtec holdings ltd, Cronos Group, Healthier Choices Management Corp, Hill Street Beverage Company, sundial growers, hexo corp, Organigram, and Aurora Cannabis

CNVCF could be trouble for cgc, ggttf, apha, curlf, plnhf, plth, Tlry, cron, hcmc, hexo, sndl, ogi, and acb?

BHSC announced that it is now able to consistently grow Trichomes from multiple cannabis plant strains, in liquid media. Furthermore, BioHarvest is the world’s first and only Company to successfully develop the proprietary knowledge required to control the production of cannabis cells in liquid media, and has now developed the unique know-how to optimize the growth performance of these cannabis Trichomes in a predictable and highly efficient manner.

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