Military Exercises In The Gulf, Oic 55 Nation Conference, Ending Of Media Censorship

(9 Dec 1997) Iran – Military exercises in the Gulf
The Gulf – 15 October 1997

The Iranian Navy is currently conducting massive naval manoeuvres codenamed Victory 8, to coincide with the 8th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war.
WS line of vessels
MS one vessel past another
MS hovercraft past ship
MS helicopter flies behind vessel
MS diver jumps from helicopter
WS sailors praying in bowels of ship

Iran – OIC 55 nation conference
Tehran, Iran, – 9 December 1997
The contrasting faces of Iran’s religious government were on display at the opening of the Islamic summit, with a top leader blasting the West and another adopting a friendlier tone. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s hard-line spiritual leader who is the country’s top authority, opened the summit in Tehran of more than 50 Muslim leaders from around the world. He branded the United States and Israel as Islam’s strongest foes.

Flags outside the conference centre
President Mohammad Khatami of Iran walking through the lobby
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan walking through the lobby
Wide shot of the start of the summit, delegates all standing while the Iranian anthem is being played
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spiritual leader of Iran (centre) standing while the anthem is played
Pan around the conference hall as the Koranic recital continues
SOUNDBITE: (Farsi) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spiritual leader of Iran
“The world of Islam must change from one of idleness to one of action. these duties are being actively undertaken by the brave young people of Palestine and Lebanon.”
Cutaway of Yasser Arafat, shot from behind
Closer shot of more delegates
SOUNDBITE: (Farsi) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spiritual leader of Iran
“For the past eighteen years the (US) oppressor has used Iran to scare off the countries of the Persian Gulf but I now hereby declare that there is no threat whatsoever from Islamic Iran to any other Islamic state.”

Iran – Ending of media censorship
Tehran, Iran – 9-13 January 1998

The election of the more moderate President Mohammed Khatami has led to a new openness in Iranian society – one of the results being a liberation of the press. For the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution, there is no censorship of publications. The result is a proliferation of new magazines and newspapers, some of them aimed at improving women’s rights in a country where women have previously not had a voice.

Pull out from close up of pile of papers to people picking them up and reading them
Pan across people
Close up of two men buying paper
Mullah censoring papers
Wide shot of journalists at new newspaper
SOUNDBITE: Mahmoud Shams, editor of new newspaper Jame’eh (Farsi)
“The aim of Jame’eh is to analyse this change and to encourage the civil society.”
SOUNDBITE: Eesa Saharkhiz, director of Internal Press Dept (Farsi)
“We will have no censorship of the press, the ministry will not ask to see publications before their distribution, we will not tell them to write this or not to write that, they are free to write what they wish.”
Pages in magazine

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