Are you excited to know how you can burn calories everyday and lose weight in 7 days? In today’s video exercise I will show you how!

You see, every time you perform an exercise, you burn calories. And once you continue exercising, you maintain a regular calorie burn and you burn fat and lose weight in the process! So the secret is in living a healthy lifestyle–daily workout, healthy diet, and staying active.

The exercises in today’s video workout are all body-weight exercises which means that you’ll be using your strength and force to burn the excess fat in your body. Not only that, you’ll also be working on strengthening your muscles and challenging your endurance–all in just one week!

Make sure that you do this on a daily basis though because your efforts will pay more that way. Include weekends when you exercise, don’t skip a day! I know weekends have a lazy feel to it but let’s try to change that. Instead, include this workout session and continue losing burning those calories!! Good luck and let’s get moving! ❤️💪

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00:00 High Knee Jacks
00:45 Rest
01:12 Rise And Plie
01:58 Rest
02:25 Side Leg Raise Left
03:11 Rest
03:43 High Knee Jacks
04:28 Rest
04:55 Rise And Plie
05:41 Rest
06:08 Side Leg Raise Right
06:54 Rest
07:26 Lunges
08:07 Rest
08:34 Squat Arm Lifts
09:13 Rest
09:40 Lunges
10:21 Rest
10:48 Squat Arm Lifts
11:27 Rest
11:59 Sumo Squat Dip
12:50 Rest
13:37 Punches
14:27 Rest
14:54 Walk Downs
15:44 Rest
16:11 Punches
17:02 Rest
17:29 Walk Downs
18:18 Rest
18:51 Plank Slaps
19:36 Rest
20:23 Pike Push Ups
20:55 Rest
21:22 Super Mans
22:04 Rest
22:31 Pike Push Ups
23:03 Rest
23:30 Super Mans
24:12 Rest
24:44 T Push Ups
25:22 Rest
26:09 Russian Twist
26:49 Rest
27:11 Scissor Kicks
27:50 Rest
28:12 Reverse Crunch Extension
28:56 Rest
29:28 Russian Twist
30:09 Rest
30:31 Scissor Kicks
31:09 Rest
31:31 Reverse Crunch Extension
32:15 Rest
32:47 Russian Twist
33:28 Rest
33:50 Scissor Kicks
34:27 Rest
34:49 Reverse Crunch Extension


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