The Amazing Race Canada – Top 10 Teams of All-Time

Alright Everyone and we are back with a new video. In the video, for the one-year anniversary of the Normal Review of the channel, I decided to do a new chapter of the Top 10 Players (Teams) of All-Time and that is The Amazing Race.

Now obviously I’m a massive fan of The Amazing Race back in the day and obviously, I did watch a couple of the International The Amazing Race to the preparation for the upcoming Top 10 Teams of All-Time in the future. And also summarize for the information of the recap episode of International The Amazing Race that they learned what happened on that leg.

We’re gonna start a pretty easy one and that is The Amazing Race Canada – Top 10 Teams of All-Time. Then later on in the future video, I’ll do the International The Amazing Race (AU, Canada, & Israel) – Top 10 Teams of All-Time, The Amazing Race (US) – Top 10 Teams of All-Time, & Global The Amazing Race (US + International) – Top 10 Teams of All-Time.

International The Amazing Race = The Amazing Race Australia, The Amazing Race Canada, & HaMerotz LaMillion (Israel). These three International The Amazing Race will only be a focus on the modern-day of the show up to this point.

And also Winner & Season Ranking of the Global & International The Amazing Race in the future.

But overall I hope you excited.

I ranking the Team based on the dominance that they did so well on that one specific season of the race. And I believe that they did a great job for the Teams that they experience with a one-time appearance.

Disclaimer: The Amazing Race Canada 8 will be ready to begin to film that season once the COVID 19 vaccine is complete or they already started for whatever leg begins.

We will see you next time.

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