7 Bible Diet Foods for Beautiful Skin

These 7 Foods from the Bible don’t just help your health – they give you Beautiful Skin!

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I want to teach you how to eat healthy so that you can live a long productive life and fulfill God’s design for you. But let’s just say you want to look pretty at the same time, right? Yes, I totally agree. What you eat has just as much of an impact on your skin as what you put on your skin with your skincare products.

Now let me just ask you, do you have pimples? Do you have acne? Do you have psoriasis? Do you have Eczema? You might want to look at what you’re eating and see that changing your diet to Biblical foods makes a difference.

Today I want to share with you seven biblical foods that are going to make a difference in how beautiful you are.

The first is the most important – it’s drinking water! You’ve got to have water in your diet. Just drink water. It’s okay if you want to add real fruit or real vegetables, cucumbers to make it more palatable, but don’t be buying processed things. Just drink water. Think of your skin as either a grape or raisin. Raisins are all wrinkly and dry. A grape is plump and full. Do you want to have wrinkles? Well, no. Who wants wrinkles? No, we want to always have good elasticity in our skin. So you need to drink water.

Second is fatty fish. Very healthy for you and really good for your skin. I eat wild Alaskan Salmon. We make salmon patties out of this on Saturday afternoon. Fatty fish is very important because of the Omega 3s.

The next is something I enjoy every day – green tea. I really want you to only buy organic green tea. Make sure there’s no other additives in your tea.

Next is dark chocolate. I have 6 little chocolate chips each day as a treat. Must be 70% cocoa or higher. No milk chocolate!

If you look at a lot of natural skincare products you will see avocado in the ingredients! They have lots of vitamins A, D, and E. There are lots of phytonutrients in avocados. You can add it to your diet in many different ways just by eating regular avocados and we also have started using an avocado oil to cook with.

Almonds, when you buy them raw, have such a healthy fat in them that your skin loves it. Now with every food you don’t need very many. Maybe 10 whole almonds a day would be amazing for your health. I have also been known to just take an almond and press it with my chocolate chip and eat it together in one bite. I kind of make my own little chocolate bar in my mouth. They have a lot of B vitamins. And this is why people who are going through depression or PMS symptoms that some problems with skin break outs because they don’t have enough B vitamins.

Last is Kale, but specifically nutrients called carotenoids. Carotenoids are the bright vibrant colors that are in food. Kale is a very popular today in all of the health. Kale is also getting to be on the list that you need to buy organic because of the heavy pesticides. Besides that Kale has a lot of fiber. Carotenoid vegetables have a lot of fiber. When we have fiber, our body will get rid of toxins and when we get rid of toxins eliminated the natural way, we won’t have to get rid of the toxins through our skin and that’s what happens. That’s why we have these skin eruptions is because our body’s trying to get rid of toxins and when it can’t do that, the normal way it, we’ll do it through your skin.

So there’s other foods that are are really high on the carotenoids list. The list that I have here is mangos, papayas, carrots and yams, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, spinach, a lot of other vegetables that will help you just look amazing.

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