Federal Budget 2021 Disappointment!? Feds Increasing Rate! CRA coming for some of us!??

Federal Budget 2021 came out last week and it is a whopping 725 pages, the biggest budget we have in history. Many people are wondering what is the government focusing and spending money on! While the Federal Budget 2021 does make sense in most areas, there are some areas that are sorely lacking and many would consider the federal budget 2021 to be a huge disappointment. In this video we are going to go through some highlight of the Federal Budget 2021 and also discuss its potential effect on the housing market. Lastly also touching on CRA bulking up and getting ready to get after some of us!

This is not financial advise, speak to your advisors!

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▼ Time Stamps

[0:00] Start
[1:13] Budget Highlight: Child Care
[2:27] Budget Highlight: COVID Relief Extensions
[4:27] Budget Highlight: COVID Response
[5:07] Budget Highlight: Hiring Programs
[6:16] Budget Highlight: Housing & Real Estate
[7:03] Budget Highlight: Life Sciences
[7:56] Budget Highlight: Environmental
[8:57] Budget Highlight: Old Age Securities
[9:36] Budget Highlight: Indigenous Communities
[10:08] Budget Personal Thoughts
[13:22] Government Rate Hike 2022
[17:15] What this means for housing market
[18:51] CRA coming for you maybe

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