Everything you ever wanted to know about inulin powder and where to buy it

What is inulin powder and why is it such an awesome ingredient to include in your daily healthy cooking and eating?

In this video I talk about the massive health benefits of inulin powder, which is the best inulin powder to buy, where can you buy it and what are some of the recipes I use inulin in to make sure I incorporate it into my healthy lifestyle daily.

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Chicory inulin is a soluble dietary fibre extracted from chicory roots by a natural process to produce a fine food grade powder. It belongs to the fructan group and is non-digestible oligosaccharide.

BHK inulin is Kosher + Halal certified, contains no GMO’s, is food grade and free from any harmful or toxic substances.

Ingredients: 100 % A grade chicory inulin



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